Risking for Serenity #2

Risking for Serenity #2

What do we risk when we choose the path to Serenity?

For each of us, the risks will be different. We may be called to end relationships that are unhealthy for us. We may be prompted to seek a new vocation: something that speaks to our hearts as much as to our heads. We may choose to face into the hard feelings we’ve been avoiding: grief, loss, anger, betrayal. When we risk for serenity, we take a chance at being our authentic selves, even in the face of fear.

But what if that fear is a doorway? What if potential failure in one arena is really a stepping stone on a path to a new one? What if you chose to change — even something small, such as your route to work or how much sleep you get?

Sometimes, even these small choices seem risky. When you feel that little flutter in your stomach, when the choice to do something different seems a little scary — that’s the sign that you’re on the path to serenity, to joy, to getting to have the life you truly desire. Pay attention to those little choices, to that little leap in your heart. That’s the risk. That’s a small taste of Serenity.

And you get to have it.

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