The Importance of Community

The Importance of Community

As Creative Entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves feeling alone in what we do. Whether it’s our art or vocation requiring alone time to pursue or it’s the feeling that no one understands or accepts the choices we’ve made to pursue our art or vocation – we feel alone.

At a workshop I held recently, the feeling of community that the participants generated in the not-quite-2 hours we were together enthralled me. It could be that this group was made up of people uniquely poised to engage with others, but what I’d prefer to believe is that, given the opportunity (as they were) to be authentically themselves and meet each other in a heartfelt, genuine way, their sense of and capacity for community was enriched.

Each of the participants expressed afterwards how much they appreciated the group as a whole. It’s my hope that some true community was begun that day and that at least a few of these folks stayed in touch. Regardless, the experience brought home to me again how important it is to reach out to community. Whether it’s formal or informal, a regular group meeting or a gathering of friends, we are buoyed by community. In community with each other, we remember that we are not alone.

Find a community (or two!) to support you when you feel alone, disconnected or discouraged. Meet up with like-mindeds, or challenge yourself to meet with people you wouldn’t usually choose to know. You may learn something! Or, take a class. Take your dog to the dog park. Go to a workshop or networking event. Most important of all, be yourself. Be who you are at your heart’s core and you will find the community you need.

Seek out that group of genuine people who speak to your heart, mind and spirit.

They’re out there. And they need community, too.

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