Rebellion and the Creative

Rebellion and the Creative

I’ve been doing research in preparation for a workshop about how the brain is affected by creative activities. As I learn more about the subject, I find myself feeling an unexpected emotion: relief. I feel vindicated, as though somehow I knew all along that creativity was more than mere “imagination” or “daydreaming”. That the act of envisioning something new emerging has intrinsic value. That it was and is absolutely necessary to humanity’s survival and enlightened growth. The “creative” within me that longed for recognition, acceptance and understanding is finally feeling like she is allowed. Feeling like she has a right to exist.

Saying that, however, makes me wonder. Why did I ever believe she did not have that right? Did she always have it, and I just didn’t acknowledge it? That part of me has always felt ostracized and therefore, rebellious. But when I self-identify with that “alternative” part and place myself against the mainstream, am I potentially doing myself and my creativity a disservice?

When I call myself “artist” or “creative” am I by default denying the creativity inherent in others who have not yet discovered it for themselves? Who do I exclude in my need to rebel? In my frustration at not feeling “accepted”, who do I repel?

Current brain research seems to be validating the power of the creativity within all of us. What, then, becomes of the rebellious creative within me? Within you?

If we accept as true that we are all capable of creativity in a variety of forms, then perhaps a part of the paradigm shift will come in the form of all people identifying themselves as artists. Because in order to progress to the next stage of human development, we must embrace the Creative in all of us, not just a select few.

How will you choose to recognize and celebrate your own creativity? How will you recognize and celebrate it in others?

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