Creative Business Success Tip#3

Creative Business Success Tip#3
Value: Your Self, Your Dream & Your Money

How many times have you heard: “You can’t make a living doing that”? As Creatives, it’s not uncommon for us to encounter blocks around money. We can become overwhelmed with worry: just how ARE we going to make a living with our Creative Business?

One place to start looking for that answer is in your relationship to money. Most people have a complex relationship with this commodity, but don’t necessarily take the time to explore it. For the Creative Entrepreneur, it’s as important to deeply understand our relationship with money and the value of what we have to offer as it is to deeply understand our art. Rather than thinking of the “money issue” as something to be avoided, shunned or ignored, try bringing it out into the light of day and see how you can creatively encounter it in a new way. By understanding our value, we help others to experience value for and in themselves.

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