Creative Business Success Tip#6

Creative Business Success Tip#6
Balance: Your Creative Self & Your Business Self – Integrating Them to Work Together

How do you create balance between what you LOVE to do and what DRIVES you CRAZY about running your Creative Business?

One answer is to tap into your creativity and bring that energy & joy to the business tasks you love to hate.  If you think of the “business” side of your work as if it were the Left Brain, focusing on analysis, logic, critical thinking and the “creative” side of your work as if it were the Right Brain, imaginative, big-picture focused, and concerned with feelings, you’ll be happy to learn that you can, in fact, integrate these two halves together with practice. The truly Creative Brain is the brain that  joins both hemispheres in the act of creating. The Creative Act is actually the product of both hemispheres, not just one.

By identifying your skills and where you can grow, you can develop your “non-dominant” side to come to the aid of your dominant side.

In other words, as you grow your Creative Business, you will be challenged to grow your Self. It’s a grand adventure, filled with opportunities to learn new skills, overcome old negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and become the person you truly want to be in this world!

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