My Approach and Experience

I am a singer, dancer, writer and artist, as well as coach. Like you, I sometimes struggle to stay connected to my Creativity and my passion for what I do. Like you, I sometimes get so absorbed in my Creativity that I forget the practical, day-in-day-out stuff. Like you, I dream of a world where Creatives can flourish & thrive. I passionately believe that each and every one of us is inherently creative. Each Creative has the inherent capacity to bring their gifts into the world in a way that is both inspirational and prosperous.

Using one-on-one coaching sessions, inspirational coaching groups and interactive workshops, I collaborate with you to help you bridge the gap between your Creative Dreams and practical reality, inviting Creativity into the everyday and supporting your growth and prosperity, both personally and as a Creative Entrepreneur.

I am excited to share with you the latest developments in brain research and neuroscience which support the notion that each of us is creative and that creativity is invaluable for the human race as a whole. If we humans are going to survive well into the future, we need to begin to know and care for the Creative Brain.

Together, you and I will work to nurture your Creative Self and bring it into balance with your practical reality so that you can see your own capacity to make your Creative business dreams real.

My expertise both as a Creative and as an Entrepreneur enables me to deeply understand your unique situation. Additionally, I have worked in management and Human Resources in both corporate and non-profit organizations for over 15 years. Through this experience, I have nurtured my natural inclination to help others achieve the goals they set for themselves. My work life and coach training have contributed to my listening skills and professionalism and have supported my innate compassion for others.

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My Credentials

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with an ACC level Credential through the International Coach Federation. I completed my training with the Academy for Coach Training in Edmonds, WA. To learn more about the Academy’s Invite Change training program, click here.

I also hold a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Dynamics from Antioch University.