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  • Free ½ hour Discovery Consultation: this is where you will be introduced to what coaching is and what the experience of the coaching relationship feels like. It’s also where you and I will meet and get to know one another!

Coaching Packages:

  • Discovering & Recovering the Creative: You’re stuck. You know that there is a more joyful, fulfilling and meaningful life waiting for you, but you struggle with identifying the options and possibilities. In this coaching package, you will receive tools and exercises to help you discover and/or recover your creativity, so that you can move beyond obstacles and paint a new life path. This package is designed for the person who needs something to “click” or “shift” in his or her life to get out of a rut or stuck place.
  • Embracing the Artist: You’re full of ideas, but don’t know where to start. You’ve dabbled in creative mediums before, but there’s always been something holding you back from your Big Creative Dream. This coaching package helps you to focus your energies on incorporating your creativity more fully into your life, embracing yourself as Creative and finding life balance by inviting your Creativity into each day. You’ll receive tools and exercises to more deeply explore your relationship to the Creative within. This package is designed for the person who knows that life holds something bigger for them and they’re ready to embrace the transition.
  • Your Creative Business, Your Creative Self: You’re ready to take the leap into becoming a Creative Entrepreneur. Or, you’ve already done so but want your Creative Business to support you both financially and spiritually. This package is designed for the Creative Entrepreneur who is ready to take his or her business beyond the “starving artist” myth and into abundance and prosperity. You’ll receive tools and exercises to concretize your Big Creative Dream into reality, while balancing your Creative Inspiration with your Creative Business. This package is designed to assist the Entrepreneur with starting and growing a business.

Workshops, Classes and Coaching Group:

  • The Artist’s Way Intensive Course: Next Course Begins 1/16/2014. Register here!      Based on the book and program by Julia Cameron. Subtitled “a course in discovering and recovering your creative self,” The Artist’s Way book/program by Julia Cameron has been popular with writers, artists, and spiritual/personal growth communities since its publication 18 years ago. As with most transformative journeys, committed travel partners are the key to success! With your group you will: Complete the 12 chapters of The Artist’s Way and many of the exercises in the program. Encourage each other to utilize the “morning pages” and “artist date” tools. Support each other in any personal or professional goals desired (such as writing a book, launching a business, or creating a gallery show.)  Culminate our journey in a “show-and-tell” celebration of creativity and transformation.
  • Creative Entrepreneurs Group Coaching: A series of monthly group coaching sessions in Seattle for Creative Entrepreneurs (or those considering becoming one!) Creative Entrepreneurs are people in the arts, alternative healing and helping professions who have the audacious goal of making a living while making an impact on their world. (Discovery Session is recommended prior to participation in Group Coaching.)
  • Workshop: Isn’t It Time Your Creative Self Met Your Business Self? A workshop that will challenge your assumptions about “work”, “business” and “creativity”. Using guided visualization, meditation and improvisational techniques, we will explore the relationship between your Creative Self and your Business Self and find ways to invite them to work together to bring you success in your chosen vocation! Contact me to receive an invitation to the next Workshop!

Discover how to balance your creative dreams with practical actions that will move you forward!

Contact me for further information and rates for Coaching Services, Groups & Workshops.


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