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Get a Proselytizer!

Get a Proselytizer!

Day 7 of 30 Days of Imperfection…

The other night I was at a birthday party, when I walked into a room to hear another friend telling the assembled people about this great thing a friend of hers was doing- blogging for 30 days on the topic of Imperfection! At first I thought she might’ve been talking about someone else; several people I know are taking part in this challenge.

But no, she was gushing about me.

What an odd feeling. To witness from a distance as someone you know becomes a proselytizer on your behalf!

Of course, she saw me enter the room and grabbed me by the arm to introduce me to the person she was chatting up.

There was a moment of truth for me. Usually, traditionally, I would have ducked my chin and said something like; “Oh, that wasn’t my idea…” or “I’m just doing it because someone I know invited me to,” or something equally dismissive about myself.

I’m not shy, by any means – ask my friends! But I’ve spent much of my life unable to truly receive a compliment, as though I were somehow an impostor. Like it wasn’t really me who did that cool thing, or worked so hard, or took that risk. If only they knew that I was not really that smart, or not that capable. Either that, or they’re just being *nice*.

But this time, instead, I chose to stand up straight and smile warmly at the person. To thank my friend for reading my posts and say, “I’m glad you like them!” To allow myself to embrace my own achievement. To then pursue a brief conversation with the newcomer about what I do.

Have you ever had that conundrum? Been faced square on with someone praising you upside and down in front of others and feel a moment of denial, like “that can’t be *me* they’re talking about, can it?”

What do you usually do? What do you really *want* to do?

Can you imagine gracefully accepting the compliment, the kudos?

Boy, it can sure feel good to be complimented like that. Get yourself a proselytizer – they’re a real boost!