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Six Tips for Creative Business Success

Six Tips for Creative Business Success

As a Creative, you know the importance of giving ear to your intuition and taking the time for self-reflection & visioning before you start a project.  Starting your Creative Business is no different. Over the coming week I’ll be posting  six stages on the journey to your Creative Business Success for you to consider before you set your feet on the path to success.

Starting and running a Creative Business has more to do with mindset than it does with product, marketing, sales, financials or anything else we generally associate with “business”. Having the right mindset as you make your journey can make all the difference to your Creative Business Success. Look for tips 1 &2 coming this week, with  tips 3&4 next week, and tips 5&6 the following week.

If you’re ready NOW to deepen your exploration of the mindset you need for your Creative Business, the Creative Business Success Workbook is for you! Follow this link to get your copy and get started!

Don’t go it alone!

Join the Creative Business Success Coaching Tele-Group to support you as you grow your Creative Business!

The Creative Business Coaching Group is an opportunity to meet like-minded people who share your path while brainstorming ideas on how to make that path easier, more fulfilling and money-generating!

In this small group participants will receive professional coaching and are held accountable for their goals with the support of their peers. As your Group Coach I will coach you on-on-one and facilitate the conversation with the group.

The next Creative Business Coaching Tele-group is scheduled to start May 9, 2012. Register here!