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This past weekend, I helped a friend rearrange some furniture in her house so that she could have a more “Zen” environment to inspire her and keep her in relationship with her creativity. I have a space like that in my house: a place I call my ‘sanctuary’ that is open enough and free of clutter enough that I’m not distracted while I express myself creatively. I use that room for everything from meditation and yoga, to dancing, drawing, writing and collage.

What could become possible if we all gave ourselves the gift of creative space? Even if you don’t have an extra room for a sanctuary in your home, where could you set aside even a corner for your creativity? In the last house I lived in, all I had was a special chair beside a bookshelf with some of my favorite & most inspirational books. I read, wrote and drew in that chair. It was not a huge space, but it was intentionally set aside for my creativity.

I often find myself talking with artists who believe that creativity must be hard: hard-fought, hard-won. Painful, torturous. While there are absolutely times in the creative process when we face our inner demons and have to push through blocks, Creativity in and of itself is not hard. It simply requires intention and attention.

When I put that armchair in the corner of the living room and announced to my partner (and my self!) that this was my space for creativity, I set an intention. I staked out a place in my life for my creativity. There sat the chair, waiting for me, inviting me to sit and pick up my journal and write. Even when I wasn’t sitting there, just knowing that I had such a sacred space for creating was invigorating. Having that chair to come home to, to embrace me in my creative process was thrilling.

I began writing more. I started drawing and painting watercolors. I read books I had been meaning to get to for quite a while. I spent less time on the computer. I let the dishes sit in the sink. I put my Creativity first, thereby putting my Self first.

It was a simple gesture, putting that chair in the corner of the living room. It wasn’t hard. And it started me on a path to a life where my Creativity takes center stage, where it is a part of my daily existence. Where it nourishes me and makes my life easier, not harder.

What would happen if you let yourself have the creative space you truly desire? If you already have a space for your creativity, what would make it even better? Do you need to move the table over to the window? Do you want to clear the clutter, or does the clutter support your creativity (it’s OK if it does!)? What about the others you live with? Would it be possible for you to ask them to respect your sacred creative space?

Even a chair, a special bookshelf, a lamp could be enough to inspire your creativity and open up a whole new way of being in the world.