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Top That!

Top That!

Day 5 of 30 Days of Imperfection – Wait, it’s only day 5?!?

So yesterday, it felt risky to write my last post on Business Plans. But I’ve received good response (thanks!) and feel good about what I wrote.

Today, I don’t what the heck to write about. I feel kinda like a novelist who’s finally finished the 600 pager, but has been asked to write a sequel. Or worse yet, an entire series. With the same leading heroine. Ugh.

So what will the heroine do next? Whom will she champion? What new risk will she take?

What does the heroine do when she gets writer’s block in the middle of a 30-Day writing challenge? And really, this isn’t the middle, it’s the beginning.


Yes. That’s it. This is about fear, too. (Jeez, what isn’t?) Can I write something good enough? Or am I doomed to write only 1 post a month, or a quarter that’s any good?

What if I can’t top that last post? What if I fall flat?

(OK I almost just deleted all of that. But, that would be *perfectionist* of me, wouldn’t it?)

What would the heroine do? Thinking of all my favorite fantasy adventure novels, the heroes and heroines tend to reach a point in the story where they get stuck. When all seems lost. Sometimes it happens more than once.

In Joseph Campbell’s writings about The Hero’s Journey, he talks about Crossing A Threshold — an adventure cannot happen until this is done…to pass beyond the known into the unknown.

This process of writing these posts every day, letting go of my judgments and just putting my words and my Self out into the world, a little each day, is my journey into the unknown, away from what has felt familiar and safe, even if painful.

So, I’ve crossed a threshold by writing these posts. What happens next?

Your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned, as they say…